We offer a good range of animal husbandry products and general merchandise at very competitive prices. We also do WEC tests in store. Same day service if delivered prior to 3pm. Larval diff tests also available with a 10 day turn-around. Test kits can be sent out to you if required.

We stock most major brands including Virbac, Zoetis, Coopers, Jurox, Leader, WSD, Elanco, Bayer, Heiniger, Maspro, Mars, Carapet, Hypro, Dow and Coprice. We are also suppliers of Beachport Liquid Minerals and Granular Products. In addition, we also stock exclusive brands of Apparent and Independents Own. If you have a special requirement for a product that we normally do not stock, we can source that item for you. We are also able to order NLIS tags for sheep, cattle and goats as required through Afflex, Leader, Drover, Enduro and Datamars. These tags can be picked up from our Office or sent out directly to you if you are not able to come to our Office.

Check out our range of drenchesanimal husbandry products, blowfly & lice treatments, dog & dog food options, herbicides & chemicals, equine products, poultry options,