JJ Dresser & Co

JJ Dresser & Co - family owned business since 1946

Stock and Sales Agents


JJ Dresser & Co is a progressive Stock and Station Agency, established in 1945 by Joseph J. Dresser.  Selling Agents at Cowra Regional Saleyards and CTLX Livestock Exchange (Carcoar). A wealth of knowledge and experience is what you will find when engaging the services of JJ Dresser & Co.

Clearing sales

JJ Dresser & Co conduct Auction Clearing Sales. List your farm machinery and equipment, tractors and more with our experienced team.

Our next Sale is this Saturday, 29th of May 2021.

ON FARM Clearing Sale (property sold)

Approx. 20kms from Cowra on the Darby’s Falls Rd.

Full Catalogue now available……..


Livestock Sales

Selling agents of Sheep, Lamb, Cattle and Goats within the Cowra region and beyond. 

Represented at CTLX Carcoar and Cowra Regional Selling Centre.  Private Inspections and AuctionsPlus Assessments by appointment.  Member of the Australian Livestock Property Association (ALPA).

Are you looking for a change? Why not consider JJ Dresser & Co

Stock and Station Agency

Selling Agents at Cowra Regional Saleyards and CTXL Livestock Exchange (Carcoar). Private Sales and AuctionsPlus Marketing options are also offered. Guaranteeing you are in good hands when with the JJ Dresser & Co team.

A wealth of knowledge and experience